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Heffers Bookshop, Cambridge. Thursday 15th June 6.30 to 8pm.
'L.C. Tyler & Suzette A. Hill in Conversation.' - Len and I will be discussing our latest novels, Herrings in the Smoke and Shot in Southwold, and comparing notes on writing methods, snares and problems. Heffers is a delightful venue and an ideal place to engage in informal literary chit-chat. (20 Trinity St. Tel: 01223 463200).

Book Signing at Ledbury Books & Maps
(20 High Street, Ledbury, Herefords. Tel: 01531 633226) on Monday 10th July from 6 pm to 8pm.
Wine and canapés in cheerful surroundings. Although this event is largely by personal invitation to local readers; anyone who happens to be in Ledbury at that time is most welcome to attend - "gate crashers" will be given a warm greeting!

Saturday May 20th 2017, Southwold, Suffolk:
I shall be signing copies of the above at Southwold Books (69 the High Street) between 3pm & 5pm. This is a delightful bookshop, so well worth dropping in if only to browse!

The Primrose Pursuit (pub. Allison & Busby):
In answer to readers' worries about the fate of Maurice & Bouncer after the sudden demise of their master the Revd Francis Oughterard, I can confidently report that they are thriving in Sussex with the vicar's redoubtable sister, Primrose. They have become attuned to their new circumstances, and have already been engaged in a curious escapade involving their new owner and the still slithery Nicholas Ingaza. Their story can be accessed in hardback, paperback & ebook.

Audio CDs & downloads:
Both A Little Murder and The Venetian Venture are available in disc form and as downloads. Their reader Julia Franklin does a grand job - not only of the narration but also the assorted voices. A Load of Old Bones and Bone Idle are available as downloads via In both cases the producer is Joyful Productions Ltd.

In the original novel the part of the cat is read by the incomparable Leslie Phillips CBE. In the later one that part has fallen to the author - i.e. me. The resulting pitch is definitely catstrato (!) but it contrasts quite well with the deeper voices of Bouncer and the vicar.

Kindle & paperbacks:
All ten titles can be obtained in these formats - except for Bones in High Places and A Bedlam of Bones which, while available as ebooks, remain in their original hardback. These latter are increasingly elusive but with patience can be sourced.

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